Canna Butter Recipe

Cannabis leaves
Cannabis leaves

Learn how to measure THC and CBD’s for each serving size with easy to read measuring charts. In this book you’ll find great recipes for those who want to consume edibles and experience natural healing properties through cannabis.

Canna Butter
Canna Butter

Canna Butter

Equipment needed:


Rubber gloves

Mason jar

Dish for refrigeration for easy removal of your harden butter.



20 oz. of unsalted butter (after cooked down you should end up with 1 lb.)

Decarbonized 28 grams of cannabis

1 cup of distilled water

By adding water you are helping to remove some of the cannabis flavor from your edibles. Don’t worry your THC is fat soluble and will remain in your butter.

Step 1. Put ingredients into a canning jar don’t over fill and cover with aluminum foil

Step 2. Put jar into a crockpot and fill crook pot with water ½ way making sure your canning jar don’t tip over and spill out you.

Step 3. Cook Low and high increments for 9-24 hours. Stirring every so often

Step 4. Caution Hot Using cheese cloth, rubber gloves and Bowl to strain and squeeze butter don’t worry about the excess water because after it’s refrigerated you’ll simply just remove the harden butter off the top of


Recipes in Loaded Edibles Cookbook

  • CBD Oil extract
  • Canna E-Juice
  • Rosin
  • Tincture
  • Hash Oil (RSO)
  • Dam Good Canna Brownies, canna Sugar Cookies, Canna No Bakes, Canna Chocolate Chip Cookies etc.
  • Vegan Canna Peanut Butter Cookies etc.
  • Body butters
  • Bath bombs
  • Cannabis, Marijuana and edibles

For your convenience I added a linked shopping list of items you may need.

Loaded Edibles

Loaded Edibles

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower Lecithin




6qt Crockpot

Mason Jars

Wide Mouth Jars 32 oz.

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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