Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room

OK let’s address the elephant in the room and that is the words Grow house. It’s a taboo word when it comes to growing cannabis for various reason in which most people know if they grew up in the 1980’s.

In the virtual world we have been able to grow cannabis in our houses or outside in Michigan as caregivers since 2008 and now our state has become one of the recreational state in 2018.

I believe that it’s gonna take years to remove the controversy and the stigmas that Cannabis has developed throughout the years as we move forward from the Cannabis Prohibitions.

The facts through out the years that Cannabis was used for several things such as cloth, medicines and is known for being one of the strongest materials for making ropes.

The original Betsy Ross America flag was made of industrial hemp in 1776.

In the early years back in the 1600 king James ordered all Jamestown colonists to grow 100 hemp plants. This was for war purposes, making ropes for their ships. Later Jamestown colonists broke away from growing hemp for King James, separating themselves from Europe.

It’s pretty simple to figure out the Hemp or Cannabis is one of the most historical profitable agriculture markets around the world and has been the center of attention of many people.

In the 1940’s an American scientist Rodger Adams had patent Red Oil, separation of cannabinoids.

From the Movie called Reefer Madness where parents and teenagers where influenced that Marijuana was harmful and scaring the public into a frenzy.

The hippie era with the flower child and bell bottoms that came along with Cheech and Chong, Woodstock, The summer of Love, LSD, Mushroom and Marijuana. Where our government was trying to make mind controlling drugs that had backfired on them and then became out of control. Such as the Mk Ultra and LSD whereas LSD ended up being a street drug after being tested on hospitalized mental ill people.

To President Nixon putting Marijuana on the #1 schedule drug listing it as the most additive drug and the most dangerous drug surpassing cocaine and heroine. Then, President Ronald Reagan’s campaigning against Marijuana “War on Drugs” saying that Marijuana was a gateway drug to the use of harder drugs.

Today, there is an epidemic with the street drug called heroin that is extracted from poppy seeds. Mostly, being imported through the black market from China to the United States.

Opiates~Norco’s, and Fentanyl etc. is a popular pharmaceutical pain killer drug is also made from same popular plant as the street drug heroin. The iconic poppy plant.

In the 1800’s there was a trade war between China and the Great Britain called The Opium War. Yes, a war over opium. Opiates are one of the most effective pain relievers and are one of the highest addictive drug. Even through strict regulation there are several annual overdosed patients usually causing death.

Historically Cannabis is on the rise to be more accepted and more and more research is being done on the health benefits through science research. Such as being an antioxidant. Helping a person with depression, pain or even with an appetite issue.

Yours Truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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