Heads or Tails

Heads Tails
Heads or Tails

What is the meaning and why it’s important?

In the world of distilling there are several phases to pay attention too. These are called cuts. Why? here’s why, because you are distilling and making Methanol, acetone and ethanol.

Collecting temperature – 175 f

Phase 1. Fore shots- is Methanol which is the main ingredient in antifreeze very piousness. This chemical is used in making biofuels and used in the pharmaceuticals industries. So, not all is lost. Non- food grade

Collecting temperature – 176f

Phase 2. Heads- is where you are making acetone. Yes, that’s right acetone. Acetone is used as a cleaner (solvent). Also used to make paint thinner, nail polish remover, extract essential oils or even RSO (hash oil). When properly extracted you can produce a pure product. Which will involve a purging process so that the acetone is successfully removed from the end product. Non- food gr

Collecting temperature – 196f

Phase 3. Heart- ethanol this is what becomes your drinkable alcohol when diluted with water. Yes, water this how you make 50, 80, 100, 120 and 150 proofs. Calculated using the alcohol by volume (ABV) formula and by using a hydrometer. There are several distilling calculators found on the internet such as https://www.distilling-spirits.com/tools/calculations/mixing-alcohol/ Food grade

Temperature – 203f and up

Phase 4. Tails- Tails is still ethanol and by removing this from your batch of alcohol you are removing the bitter flavor from your moonshine.

I may have got ahead of myself with this blog on distilling alcohol or even off topic when it comes to cannabis. But, not really when it comes extracting oils (hash oil) from your bud, Moonshine is one of the best ways to go. One way hash oil is made is to rinse the cured bud in a well vented area (outside) by rinsing it with a food grade solvent. Such as 150 proof of moonshine. Then after your bud has been rinsed through twice or even three times you then need to strain the bud from the alcohol. Cautions~no flames in the area

Hash Oil extractions
Hash Oil extractions

A simple rice cooker is a safe way to burn the alcohol off and leaving behind the hash oil. Cautions~no flames in the area.

Cautions~the size of a small grain of rice or smaller is all that is needed to be eaten for a serving size.

For your convenience I have put together a few products that you will be needing fort distilling and extraction oils.

Mason Jars

Canning Jar

Rice cooker

Rice Cooker




Cheese Cloth

Cracked Corn Recipe


Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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