Cracked Corn Moonshine

Making moonshine and planning it out by starting on Friday night by going to your local feed store and grab a bag cracked corn. You will need a 10 lbs. bag or so.


I also like to mix it up with some flacked corn maize. So, I’m gonna use about 8 lbs. This can be found at a specialty brewers store and while your there you need to pick up all these other items, 2 packs of Champagne yeast, 2 6.5 gallon fermentation bucket, 2 lids with holes, 2 airlocks, 2 rubber stoppers. Then, you will also need 2 10 lbs of white sugar and 2 small cans of no salt added tomato paste.

Fermentation bucket

6 Gallon Fermentation Bucket

Other equipment needed one turkey fryer, two for one here you can use the 30 qt pot to heat up your mash and then later you can use it’s propane BTU burner, 2 or 3 propane tank, reflux column still. Thermometer so that you will know exactly when to make your cuts. You can also make your own still. There are several detailed plans on the internet. Like I have also listed several products down below with links so that you can easily purchase through Amazon. In which I will receive a small kick back through your purchases and is much appreciated!

Turkey fryer

Turkey Fryer

Disclaimer’s the dangers of distilling should be noted and taking with the highest cautions. Follow the manual that came with your still and make moonshine at your own risk.

There is a thermometer located at the top of your still. So you will want a mirror to hang above it for easier reading of the temperatures.

You will also need 2 garden hoses to attach them to your still. One for the water to trickle into your still and one to release the water. What your going to be causing is steam. Which is combustible. Here again I suggest that you follow your manual for complete instructions and safety procedures.

Mason Jars

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Collecting Jars

Cracked Corn Moonshine recipe

  • 3.5lbs cracked corn
  • 3.5 lbs corn maize
  • 7 lbs white sugar
  • 5 gallons purified water
  • 1 package Champagne Yeast
  • 1 can unsalted tomato paste

Instructions: Make it worth your time and make two batches and make sure you use clean equipment.

  1. In a large pot, heat your 5 gallons of purified water until you reach 100f
  2. In your 6 gallon fermenting bucket mix heated water, cracked corn, corn maize, sugar, champagne yeast and tomato paste
  3. Pop your lid on and then rubber plug and partially water filled airlock.
  4. Place your bucket into an undisturbed area and watch the magic happen. Your airlocks will start to bubble and when the bubbling has slowed down you will know that it’s close to be fully fermented.
  5. After about 2 weeks and the bubbling has stop you need to separate the mash by removing the liquids with a siphon.
  6. This is the beginning of making Cracked Corn Moonshine. Now pour the liquids into your still.
  7. Prep your area prior to cooking

Okay, cooking moonshine could take you two days. So you will need 2-3 5 lbs propane tanks and a well vented area preferably free from the wind.

Cannabis leaves
Cannabis leaves

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

For the cuts refer to Heads or Tails Blog

Heads or Tails

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