Mind body spirit and CBDs

Mind, body, spirit and CBD’s. Everyday healthy living its essential for your overall well-being.
Today, we live in a health driven fast paced atmosphere. Where we all need a little piece of mind. Rather if you decide to do meditation, yoga or even resting on a hammock in your back yard.

By now you must have been thinking about adding CBD’s in your every day diet. You simply get a bottle of CBD oil from your local health food store and add it to your sparkling water by following the suggested serving size and enjoy the benefits it has. CBD oil may help you with relaxation, depression and creativity.

There definitely has been more buzz around CBD infused products. The markets cater to your health needs especially in the beverage industry.

Within the past few years the beverage industry has shown immediate interest in infusing CBD beverages along with other industries manufacturing sparkling water makers so that you can make your own infused beverages. CBD infused flavored sparkling water have become pretty popular. By having your own carbonator you are in more control of your beverages and CBD needs.

For your convenience I have listed a few items that you may be interested in. Click on the picture and it will link you right to Amazon.

Soda stream

Soda Stream

Carbonator 2

Carbonator 2

Sparkel carbonators

Carbonator Packs

The benefits very with CBD oil. Some are mood enhancer or even a sleep aids. There are all different sizes and different types. Some may be 1000 or 1500 mg and even more in a 1 oz infused coconut oil. Other CBD’s oils are made with olive oil or even almond oil. So you will have to adjust your dosages according to the mg on the bottle.

Lets say you have a 1 oz. bottle with 1000 mg CBD’s and you only want to take 20 mg per serving. More than likely you would have around 50 servings per bottle. On the average one can of 20 mg infused CBD Sparkling Water is gonna run you around 5.00 a can.

The more affordable way to enjoy your CBD’s is to buy a one 1 oz. bottle of 1000 mg CBD oil that will run you roughly $90 – $125 with approximately 50 servings of 20 mg of CBD’s
Where as if you were to purchase 50 cans of 20 mg of CBD infused of sparkling water it would cost around $250. Saving you hundreds in the long run.

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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