Curing and Storing

Trimmed cannabis bud

Curing and storing~ this technique is very vital for every harvest. Only imagine after spending months of nurturing your beautiful cannabis plant only to find out it’s gone bad.

All an all it’s very important that you were to dry your bud. Making sure that you don’t over dry or under dry it, prior to putting your bud into a canning jar or a humidity container.

Under dried~You won’t be bringing it to it’s full potential. So when you were to smoke it you would think that your bud was no good. Smells like grass instead of skunk. When it’s properly cured bud it will become psychoactive and when it’s not it may become moldy.

Curing is like fine wine believe it or not your cannabis is still making trichomes under the right conditions. So here again you will want to make sure that you don’t under or over dry your bud. You may control the humidity in your jars or humidity containers by using 2-way humidity packs. 55% Boost or 62% Boost packs. These work great!

Over dried bud ~ Stops the over all curing process like making more trichomes.

For your convenience I have listed a few items that you maybe interested into with links to each item.

Integra Boost 55%

55% Boost

Integra Boost 62%

62% Boost

C Vault Humidity container

C-Vault 4 Liter

Smell proof container

Smell proof jar with Humidity pack

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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