Hemp for Pets

Hemp and Pets
Hemp and pets

Only imagine going to the doctors and they suggest that you should start taking omega-3 for your eyes and heart health. You then go to the store and buy your first jar of fish oil capsules. Within the first hour you start to burp and they taste and smell just like fish. Disgusting, right? They even label it on the jar that some brands are burp less. I definitely wouldn’t want to discredit the fish oil capsules. It’s just not my preferred preference.

Hemp hearts won’t do that, matter of fact they are kinda nutty flavored. There are some manufactures that roast them with different flavors, yummy. This is also a great alternative for vegans needing their omegas and protein. Considered as a an antioxidant and a superfood.

Roasted Hemp Seeds

Roasted Hemp Seeds

The health benefits that you can get from using Hemp or CBD’s. Its high in fiber, protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, Potassium, amino acids along with fatty acids omega-3, omega-6

Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts

Essentially it’s equally as good for you as it is for your pet. Hemp oils is commonly extracted from hemp hearts. Which promotes good health and much more. Helps with inflammation, strengthens bones, healthier heart, eyes and teeth. Then, you will begin to notice the differences in their beautiful shiny fur coat or even how they walk maybe from their arthritis.

Hemp for pets
Hemp for pets

The hemp plant is a cannabis Sativa strain that contains the smallest amount of THC and isn’t psychoactive and is pet friendly along with CBD oil.

CBD oil also comes from the cannabis plant and isn’t psychoactive because it also contains a small amount of THC but more than hemp. Usually extracted from the the bud or even whole the plant which is called called full spectrum extraction.

Pet friendly hemp oil

Hemp for pets

Hemp Oil

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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