For more cost effective smart home buy Wyse

Cannabis leaves
Cannabis leaves

Considering home security? Home security and gardening cannabis comes hand in hand. You can simplify your start up cost along without reoccurring cloud service payments by choosing Wyse cam Smart Home.

These cameras are impressive for the cost. Alexa and Google assistants compatible, WiFi, Motion and sound detection, 1080p full HD, night vision, 12 second record, 14 days cloud storage service unlimited, Micro Sd card slot, livestream 8x digital zoom app with alerts and 2-way audio.

Need more information or want to purchase any of the products below please click on a picture.

Wyse camera

Wyse Indoor Cam

The next cam on the block is the Wyse Cam Span with 360 degree rotation within 3 seconds. Motion and sound detection, Alexa and Google assistants compatible, 2-way audio, 1080p HD, enhanced night vision, app with immediate alerts, 12 seconds record and 14 day unlimited cloud storage with Micro SD card Slot.

Wyse cam Span’

Wyse Indoor Cam Span

Wyse Micro SD card

Expandable Storage

For outdoor security cameras you can buy an outdoor cameras and add a wall mounts along with a weather covers.

Wyse weather covers and wall mounts

Wall Mount and Weather Cover

Wyse cam Span weather cover

Cam Span Cover and Wall Mount

For more cost effective smart home by Wyse cams. Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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