Miracles of Epsom Salt

Cannabis leaves
Cannabis leaves

Epsom salt is more than just a salt. Epsom salt is a mineral that people use for several things such as a laxative or for reducing inflammation.


Soaking in a bath tub with Epsom salt will help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is never a good thing, it may be the beginning of a illness or some sort of disease.

Magnesium offers a lot of health benefits that will help your body stay healthy. Such as helping to maintain your blood pressure and heart heath.

Grass isn’t always greener on the other side

Epsom salt is a secret weapon for lawn care and gardening. Why because of the mineral called Magnesium. It combats that dreaded rust disease, powdery mildew and bugs in your garden.

Have you ever wondered why your neighbors grass is healthy vibrant. Well let’s make your lawn just as lushes and beautiful by using a fertilizer spreader and simply spread the Epsom salt on your lawn. Did I say Epsom salt? Yes, I did the Epsom salt will feed your grass magnesium. What you will need to do is to spread it just prior to having a good rain in the spring time as well as through out the summer. Applications should be done monthly or even bi-weekly.


Now, let’s talk about your gardens rather if it is a flower or vegetable garden. Epsom salt will give your plants a higher yield and a over all healthier nutrient uptake. Giving your garden a protective layer against bugs, diseases and mildew.

Growing Cannabis
Growing Cannabis


The same goes for growing cannabis. You simply add it to one of your waterings bi-weekly. Why not give your plants an added protective layer. See the thing is by not protecting your crop your yields will suffer. It’s the difference between a skinny plant or bushy one.

Use 1 TBSP. per five gallon bucket of water along with bone meal, calcium and blackstrap Molasses. Then off set it from all your other fertilizing and watering.


Keep in mind when fertilizing ~plants can start to show signs of toxicity. The first signs are that the tips of the leaves will start to curl down.

For your convenience I add a couple items that you may be interested in with links for purchase information

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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