Foolproof Canna Gummies

Canna Gummies
Crazy Grape

Crazy Grape Canna Gummies

Foolproof canna gummy bears ~ I’m so excited to bring this recipe to you. It’s made right in the microwave what could be more easier than that, Right?

Yields 250 

12-15 mg THC each bear

Equipment needed:


7 1” gummy bear molds or you can always freeze two in between refilling and removing

4 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup

Squirt bottle

1 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup

4 cookie sheets

Stick blender

Spoon and spatula 

Blooming Gelatin

Step 1/ ingredients 

Mix and let bloom all ingredients in step 1 then microwave for 1 ½ minutes.  

Move on to step 2 separately.  Then add steps 1 & 2 to the already heated butter and wax.  Blend with stick blended until fully incorporated. This may take 5 minutes to emulsion your ingredient together.

¼ tsp pineapple candy flavoring 

½ tsp grape candy flavoring

1 watermelon jammers pouch

½ corn syrup 

1 Tbs powdered sugar

3 oz blueberry jello

3 oz raspberry jello

2 envelops gelatin 

1 Tbs sunflower Lecithin 

1 Tbs instant clear jel

½ tsp Sodium citrate 

½ tsp Malic acid

½ tsp Xanthan gum 

Purple glycerin based coloring 

Step 2/ ingredients 

Microwave until fully melted

3 Tbs bees wax

1 1/3 cup canna butter

Dust silicone molds with corn starch or clear jel

Using a squirt bottle to fill each mold

Gummy Bear Mold
Gummy Bear Mold

Freeze for 15 minutes remove from molds and place on a lined cookie sheet for drying and repeating.  

Drying by rotating every 4 to 8 hours within 20-24 hours. Depending on the humidity of your drying area.

For longevity freezing is an option in packages of 1 or 2. Or you can simply freeze them separately on a cookie sheet and once frozen put them into a gallon size bag.   Don’t forget to put a born on date on the package.

For your convenience I added a grocery list of hard to find items with links for easy checkout.

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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