Raw Green Dragon Tincture

Cannabis cola
Cannabis cola

Raw green dragon tincture is just what it sounds like. During your harvest you take and remove the buds or even the trimmings and put it right into a canning jar and freeze your cannabis. Pre- measure your bud prior to freezing. One or two ounces per jar is best. What your making is a superfood type tincture because your maintaining all of the healthiest nutrients that you can from your cannabis. The tincture will be loaded with antioxidants.

This is a cold extraction and your never going to be heating the bud. Remarkably this product will help those who are resistant to most of the other cannabis tinctures that have been heated. Maybe because they have been heavily medicated from other prescriptions and developed a resistants.

Raw cannabis

Simply take your favorite vodka or moonshine and put it into the freezer.

After both products have been in the freezer for 24 hours or more combined the two by pouring the vodka into the canning jar with the bud. Filling it up until you cover the bud.

Put the jar back into the freezer and freeze it for a week. Shaking the jar daily. Mean time gather up your other supplies such as a glass bowl or pan, cheese cloth or coffee filter. The glass bowl is used for collecting any spillages that may occur during the straining.

Straining tincture
Straining tincture

Storing ~After straining your tinctures store your jar into a dark area. You also can store the jar into a brown paper bag keeping it away from the sunlight. You can also use a amber color jar.

How to use~ Using a amber bottle with a dropper. Put a few drops under your tongue. Every four hours when needed.

Raw Glycerin Tincture~ Can be done the same way just replace the alcohol with vegetable glycerin.

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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