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Cannabis leaves
Cannabis leaves

Welcome and discover the complexity of cannabis and it’s characteristic from Indica to sativa strains. Learn how to incorporate cannabis into your every day living through recipes featuring CBD or even THC.

The ultimate Canna Gummy Bear called Roosevelts, Canna Brownies made with Browned Butter, five spiced Canna Ginger cookies along with Vegan recipes.

As I build my platform I will be added other informational ideas and blogs such as dispensary locations, where to get seeds, dosing charts and reviews. Gardening techniques and how to grow on a budget in Michigan.

It’s an endless subject that I’m excited to share my personal ideas and experiences with you.

Inspired through cannabis superfoods, antioxidants and healing qualities. Used as an alternative medicine that has countless amount of personal references. From people with epilepsy, skin disease, depression, cancers and eating disorders.

Cannabis has a history all on its own. Now being the largest cash crop in the United States over corn and soybeans which are the next highest cash crops. Kind of unbelievable, right?

Michigan’s cannabis
Michigan’s cannabis

Disclaimer ~ Check with your local city and state before making and using edibles, along with growing cannabis. Also Michigan’s Grow House is used as a informational website for recipes, directories and the history of cannabis.

Mason J.A.R. Head

I’m a Michigander born in Lansing, entrepreneur who decided to become a caregiver for patients who have chronic pain and debilitating diseases. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, baker, soap maker and an author. Known in the family as the best baker. With the belief that Medical Marijuana has natural healing properties.

My parents who are also Michiganders, my Mother Carolyn was born in Ann Arbor and my Father George who was born in Flint, a Navy veteran retired from General Motors who had grown Marijuana and experimented in making edibles in the 1970’s

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