How to Freeze Blueberries

Okay, one might say why? Why? Should I learn how to freeze blueberries. It really should be easy as rinse, bag and freeze them, right? 

So, if you were to freeze the blueberries just like that you wouldn’t be able to scoop out just 1 cup at a time.  What you would end up with is one solid chunk of blueberries and you wouldn’t be able to throw a few in your yogurt or oatmeal.

You’ll all will need some paper towel, a colander, a couple of cookie sheets and a whole lot of blueberries.

Let’s get started with some of your freshly picked blueberries.
Place the colander into the sink and put the blueberries right in the colander and rinse the blueberries with cold water. This is where you will start to notice the soft or damaged ones, just simply remove them.

Freeze Blueberries
Freeze Blueberries

Next let’s prepare our cookie sheets by lining them with paper towels. Gently shake the colander and blueberries to remove most of the water. Now, lets place a single layer of blueberries on your lined cookie sheet.

Now simply put the whole cookie sheet into the freezer and freeze your blueberries for approximately 3 hours.  Remove from the freezer and put the blueberries into a freezer bag this is where I like to put the date right on the freezer bag.  With a freezer maker or permeant marker.

freeze blueberries
How to freeze blueberries

Freezer Shelf Life

1 year is the general rule for freezing food after that it’s time to clean that freezer out.My preference is 6 month really for freshness.   This is where putting the dates on your freezer bags comes in handy. Now you can confidently grab a package from the freezer knowingly rather if you may have waited to long to use it. Specially if you worked so hard picking those fresh blueberries.   

Antioxidants and the Health Benefits

There is science behind how great blueberries taste called flavonoids along with the health benefits. Such as those little booger’s are high in antioxidants, high in fibers and low in calories. Vitamin C, K and magnesium. SUPERFOOD

Yours truly Mason J.A.R. Head

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